Our ultimate goal has always been to help our customers and business partners deploy and implement best solutions that are aimed at increasing quality, increasing efficiency, actively participating in the promotion of sustainability. Our engineers strive to innovate new technologies to help us enhance our customers experience, improve their daily business. We meet our goals by delivering unmatched and customized solutions to our valued clients, always transparent with our clients and stakeholders, and by unmatched customer care and after sales services. We value our clients who are the source of our innovation and survival, our channel partners for their company to our journey, and our professional staff who help us transform our vision to reality. Our past 3 year growth is our biggest evidence to our success and values we deliver to our customers. I envision Infra-Builder will continue to grow at an outstanding and exceptional rate for many years to come to enjoy truly win-win situation with all our clients, channel partners, employees, and stakeholders while we profoundly dedicated to always introduce new-innovations and new technologies to the market.


Nael Barakat
Founder & CEO